Ben & Jerry’s – Scoopers & Shift Leaders

Store: Ben & Jerry’s
Type: Full Time, Part Time

Interested applicants, please submit your resume with contact information and work availability by responding to this Craigslist ad.
We will be conducting interviews by appointment only. Training to start during the first week of August.

We are growing and looking for great scoopers to join our teams.

We have the following openings:
– Scoopers
Looking specifically for week day daytime and weekend day and night shifts, but applicants with flexibility are a PLUS.

– Shift Leaders
Applicants for this position must have prior supervisory experience in food or retail environments, with a strong sense of customer service.

– Mascot (There can only be ONE!)
Well, someone needs to be Woody! It takes a special person to be the personality behind the mask. Must play well with kids and adults alike.


We are looking for the same things every other food and retail establishment is, all the basics: show up on time, work hard when it’s busy, busy yourself around the shop when it’s not, customer and service focused personality, a commitment to serving an outstanding product, professional demeanor, love your mom but not too much, blah blah blah

Really what makes a great scooper is a sense of fun and an ability to sell. You should be outgoing and like to talk with people. A LOT. Meeting new folks should energize you and make you happy, not make you want to hide in the back room. You should love the look of joy on a little kid’s face when she’s getting the ice cream she has been dreaming about all day. Ben & Jerry’s is a fun company, and we want to work with fun people.

Some days it’s crazy busy in the shop and you are exhausted when your shift is over. Other days we spend time cleaning up and making our space hospitable because it’s pouring down rain outside and nobody wants ice cream (yeah right . . . . like that ever happens!).

It’s a big plus if you have a smartphone and can do email, but it’s not required. You’ll still need internet access though, because we do all our shift scheduling online.

And then there’s the sales aspect of the job……….

Does offering samples, talking about different flavors and ingredients, asking people if they’d like to try our newest thing, or even just chatting about our belief in Fair Trade and non-GMO ingredients make you feel icky and nasty inside? Are you right now re-considering your future selling for The Man and promoting the capitalistic oppression of The People?

Hey, we get it. We’re a weird, hippy-dippy ice cream company that makes money selling sugary frozen-milk products while passionately trying to make the world better. Plenty of moral contradictions! The world is a morally complex place and we respect your position, but please don’t apply.

A scooping job is also a sales job. If that makes you unhappy, we will be unhappy, customers will be unhappy, and working together WON’T BE FUN. IT WILL BE MISERABLE.

If you drive a beater car with flames on the sides or a horn that plays mariachi music, you’re probably hired. Will you wear a funny hat or wig to make customers smile? Even better. But if you’re a high drama person that’s a serious negative; you should go work for one of our competitors. We are happy to give you their numbers.

If after reading all this, you’re still thinking you are into us. Then send us your resume!

Finally, if we call you for an interview, wear something that makes you laugh or makes you happy! We’d love to see your weird tattoo of peg-legged pirates drinking lattes. Or maybe you can kiss your ripped biceps as you brag about how perfect your arms are for scooping.

Sure, we want to know you can work hard, but whatever you do, don’t forget to bring your sense of fun.